GIC CoonForest Amy Lee


Amy Lee was born in our cattery. She is busy but also a very smart female. She likes to talk, play, hug and she likes showing very much. Amy has a fantastic body and coat.

Breeder: Dorien Baaijens

Info Amy Lee:
Testen HCM echo negative: 17-03-2011
PKD echo negative: 17-03-2011
Patella Luxation: negative 22-03-2011
HCM dna-gen 1: negative

Pedigree GIC CoonForest Amy Lee
born: 18-2-2009, (F 22)

Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
StoneOcean Natchez,
MCO n 22
StoneOcean Keano,
MCO n 22
Fayola Alistair Jones, MCO ns 22
StoneOcean Nicolett, MCO f 09 22
Dynamicats Jig Saw Puzzle,
MCO f 09 23
CH Dynamicats Salem Avalanche, MCO w 62
Muizennest GoodGolly MissMolly, MCO f 09
GIC Sebasco J.Lo,
MCO e 22
WW EC DSM Guldfakse Chief Two Moons, DM, MCO d 23
WW IC Maine-Mark Dakota,
MCO n 23
WW IP Cozy Farm Ginger Rogers, MCO f 23
CH Olmocabe Galilæa,
MCO f 09 22
Pillowtalk West Point, MCO n 09 22
Løve Hulen Shakiri, MCO f