CoonForest Belle Perez


Belle Perez is the first girl born in our cattery. Belle is a copy of her mother Godiva and she has a cute white tail-point. She has great paws and lynxtips and muzzle. And she is daddy Kane's little girl. They love each other. Belle was sadly early neutered because of health problems.

Breeder: Dorien Baaijens

Pedigree CoonForest Belle Perez
born: 26 may 2004 (MCO N09 22)

Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
EC and GIP
Mt. Kathadin's Kane
MCO N 22 09
CH. Spitzacker's Pancho of
Chesapeaks MCO N 09 22
HCM-free spring 2002
GC Macavity Gatsby MCO N 09 22
Mainz Coon Cleo MCO N 09 22
Gentle Giants Divine MCO N 22 C Degoonacoon's Suquamish Bay
World Winner 1997
MCO N 09 23
CH Degoonacoon's Pejepscot Bay
MCO N 22
IC. Godiva zur
MCO N 22
EC+CH+GEC Koontucky Major
Otti - Worldchampion WCF 2003 MCO N 21
C. Coonyham Surfer Dude MCO N22
Koontucky Mattea MCO N22
Ch Wildwillows Uriah Heep
TGC Koontucky Nighthawk of
Wildwillows MCO ns 09
Koontucky Flashfire of Wildwillows
MCO f 23