GIC CoonForest Burbujas de Amor aka Bubbles


Burbujas de Amor aka Bubbles was born in our cattery. She is our Lady in red. In Bubbles you can find back all my breedingcats. She is a very strong girl and has the looks of her grandmother Godiva.

Breeder: Dorien Baaijens

Info Burbujas de Amor:
Testen HCM echo negative: 17-03-2011
PKD echo negative: 17-03-2011
Patella Luxation negative: 22-03-2011
HCM dna-gen 1: negative
SMA: negative

Pedigree CoonForest Burbujas de Amor
born: 27-6-2009 (D 22)

Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
CoonForest U Make My Sun Shine,
MCO d 22
StoneOcean Natchez, MCO n 22 StoneOcean Keano, MCO n 22
Dynamicats Jig Saw Puzzle,
MCO f 09 23
GIC Sebasco J.Lo, MCO e 22 WW EC DSM Guldfakse Chief Two Moons, DM, MCO d 23
CH Olmocabe Galil├Ža, MCO f 09 22
IC CoonForest Shanti Ash Tangi,
MCO f 22
Fribanikos Al Capone, JW,
MCO d 09 22
GIC MaineHouse Elmer, MCO n 22
Sebasco Wyoming, MCO f 09 22
Godiva z. Waldemaine of Coonforest, MCO n 22 WCH-EC Koontucky Major Otti of Waldemaine, MCO n 22
CH Wildwillows Uriah Heep of Waldemaine, MCO n 22