IC Godiva zur Waldemaine


Godiva is a very beautiful strong and warm brown tabby girl. She is the boss in our cattery. Godiva likes to play and she is also fond of eating and cat-snacks, she likes everthing. Our Godiva is also the best mum you can imagine for her babies.

Breeder: Anette und Otto Koch
Info Godiva:
Titles International Champion
Best Maine Coon Female Netherlands 2004
Testen HCM negative january 2005
PKD negative january 2004
negative for HCM-gene mutation MyBPC3
Patella Luxation: negative

Pedigree IC Godiva zur Waldemaine
born: 2 february 2003 (MCO 22)

Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
C+CH+GEC Koontucky Major Otti
Worldchampion WCF 2003
MCO N 21
C. Coonyham Surfer Dude
SGC, IW, OS, GC. Coonyham
Navarro MCO N22
Coonyham Cherokee MCO N22
Koontucky Mattea MCO N22 GC. Weysha┬┤ Jiminy Cricket
Supr. GC. Coonmora┬┤s
MCO f 09 22
Ch Wildwillows Uriah Heep
TGC Koontucky Nighthawk of
Wildwillows MCO ns 09
DGC Cooncreole Bocephus of
Koontucky MCO n 09 22
Koontucky Marvelicious
MCO as 09 23
Koontucky Flashfire of
Wildwillows MCO f 23
CH Megacoon Jagger of Koontucky
MCO ns 22
Supr.GC Koontucky Tabasco Cat
MCO d 23