Superstar Offspring


GIC CoonForest Superstar


SC Big Giants Resort Grand Duke

Superstar: nomination World show Aalborg 2013 and Best female RMC Award 2013, 4th best female RMC Award 2014
Grand Duke: best male RMC Award 2012

Special thanks to Monique and Edwin Beekmans, from cattery Feline Fantasy for allowing us this one-time combination.

20 april 2015

Madonna volume III

Coonforest Autotune Baby (Baby) tortie tabby with white  
CoonForest Bitch I 'ám Madonna (Bitch of Donna) tortie tabby with white  
Coonforest Veni Vedi Vici (Avicii) black tabby  
Coonforest Iconic (Nic) black tabby  
Rebel Heart (Rebel) black tabby