CoonForest - Offspring Godiva

Thema: Madonna Litter

Godiva zur Waldemaine & Fribanikos Al Capone

Geboren 1 june 2007

CoonForest Lucky Star F 22 - lives with Jacqueline and her family in Belgium
CoonForest Candy Perfume Girl F 22 - lives with Tone and family, cattery Aarsundet's in Norway
CoonForest Shanti Ashtangi F 22 - lives with us in cattery
CoonForest Runaway Lover N 22 - lives with Inge and family, cattery Suntigers in Germany;
CoonForest Beautiful Stranger N 22 - lives with Veronica and family, cattery Laterna Magica's, in Sweden
CoonForest Thief of Hearts N 22 - lives with Jolanda and Thomas, cattery Mainestreet
CoonForest Ray of Light N 22 - lives with Wendy and Rob
Godiva Madonna Litter