CoonForest - Offspring Godiva

Thema: Stars & Famous Litter

Godiva zur Waldemaine & Mt. Kathadin's Kane

Geboren 26 mei 2004

Foto´s Danielle Rozenboom
CoonForest Van The Man N 22 09 - lives with Gerard and Angela in cattery Talamasca
CoonForest Luis Figo N 22 - lives with Andre and Petra in cattery A Star is born
CoonForest Beckham N 22 - lived with Aley, David and kids. Beckham died almost two years old after a short illness
CoonForest Shakira N 22 - lives with Bjarne and Lonnie in cattery Fribanikos, Danmark
CoonForest Belle Perez N 22 09 - lives in our cattery
CoonForest Faith Hill N 22 09 - lives with Dennis and Nathalie in cattery A Nature´s Gift
CoonForest Gwen Stefani N 22 - lives with Cora, John and kids
Godiva Stars and Famous Litter