CoonForest - Offspring Shanti


SC CoonForest Shanti Ash Tangi DM & CoonForest U Make My Sun Shine aka Ravi

Geboren 27 june 2009

CoonForest Radar Love (Radar) N 22 - Lives with Marian and his father Ravi
CoonForest Endless Love (Viggo) N 22 - lives with Esther and Maarten in landgraaf
CoonForest Part Time Lover (Garfield) D 22 - lives with Sylvia and family, our neighbours
CoonForest Groovy Kind of Love (Groovy) E 22 - lives in Tilburg with Jasper
Coonforest Burbujas de amor (Bubbles) D 22 - stays in our cattery
Coonforest P.S. I Love You (Vienna) D 22 - lives in Belgium with Jacqueline, cattery Magic Star
Coonforest The Glory of Love (Glory) F 22 - lives with Henrik in Danmark, cattery Mitsu Cats
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